You can access the Data Visualization page for Phase I study by going to APNMATA CAT-S Data Visualization website, or clicking the link to Biophics website.

1. Viewing CAT-S Phase I Questionnaire

To view questionnaire for, say, Section 3 – Health Seeking Behaviour, click on its image.


2. Viewing Results

On APN Biophics website, log in using the given login details. (If you do not log in, you will not be able to view and access all the functions available.) Click login-dialogbox on the upper right hand corner of the web page. A pop-up will appear. If you use Internet Explorer, enter your login and password. Use the following login details: User Name: biophics\apnmata Password:   apnmata99

If you use any browser other than Internet Explorer (such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), enter your domain\login and password.


To view result of, say, Section 3 – Health Seeking Behaviour, click on the item in the left menu.


Graph and table data will appear. You can view data for each sub-topic or apply filter to the data.


If you do not see the legend on the right hand side, reduce the size of the web page first (In Windows, click Control + “-“. In Mac, click Command + “-“)

Then refresh the content. The legend will appear on the right.


3. Data Manipulation

When you hover your mouse over the upper right corner of the graph or data table, the drop-down menu will appear.

Hovering mouse over graph

Hovering mouse over data table

Click the drop-down menu, and you will see a list of options:

  • Open in New Window – A new window will be loaded where you can view graph in full page.
  • Reset View – Reset graphical report type to default (Bar chart)
  • Export to PowerPoint – Export graph to PowerPoint in image format
  • Export to Excel – Export graph to Excel in image format

You can do filtering on data based on Country, Age Group, Gender and Risk Group. For example, to view data for some countries only, say, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, click on the filter as shown below. Do not forget to uncheck “All” checkbox. Click OK.

 You will now see the data of selected countries only.

For further analysis, you can right click on the graph to find additional options.


  • Select Measures – Provide data breakdown by different indicators
  • Filter – More advanced filters that include filtering for top / bottom values
  • Pivot – Reverse view by re-grouping data of different countries into categories (based on Legend).
  • login-dialogbox
  • Report Type – Change the type of graph (Data Grid, Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, 100% Stacked Bar Chart, Line Chart, Line Chart with Markers and Pie Chart)
  • Format Report – Customize graph legend
  • Show Information Bar – Provide more details about the displayed graph including how the graph bars are sorted


4. Viewing Data Mapping

From the Menu, select Map.

 You will see data mapping on the screen where you can select type of reports. Based on the report, you may also filter your results by Country, Age Group, Gender and Risk Group.

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