New hope of life


A case study of a HIV positive woman

Nupur was born in a poor family and she was compelled to get married at an early age. After marriage, she found that her husband would become sick frequently. As a consequence, he got admitted to a hospital and was diagnosed HIV positive. At the same time Nupur also found herself to be HIV positive. Nupur was pregnant at the time of her diagnoses and both her and her husband were referred to Alo Ashar Society (AAS) by the hospital.

They received care & support from AAS including counseling, treatment and capacity building training. Nupur also received PPTCT (Prevention of Parent-To-Child Transmission) services from AAS. On the other hand her husband’s health gradually deteriorated and he unfortunately passed away. Nupur faced many problems after her husband’s death.  AAS took the initiative to provide Nupur with skill development training and provided her with tk.10000 in grant money. From the training Nupur gained knowledge on cow rearing including the blueprint for dairy barn, nutritional guidelines, milk collection process and its preservation, beef fattening process, bovine diseases and its prevention including vaccination. The training she received helped her take care of her two cows which she got five kilograms of milk every day from. She also purchased a calf with the grant money and started beef fattening process. She is now confident enough to continue this process and earn a lot of money.

Support from Income Generating Activities (IGA) Department gave her a new ray of hope and a better life. She is not depressed at all from her HIV status. Moreover she wants to represent herself as a responsible person in the society. “Once I lost everything when there was no hope but now I have everything and I am hopeful for a prolonged better life. Ashar Alo Society (AAS) stands beside me to get back my happy life and I am very much grateful to AAS” says Nupur.

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