Latest Stories From the Region

Owie’s Story

I am Owie, 34 years old from Davao, Philippines. Just like anybody’s story, mine is simple.

Story of Kamrunnahar

“I was about to die but I have got a new life from Ashar Alo Society (AAS). I am happy with my two daughters. I am endless grateful to AAS”

Jericho’s Story – Philippines

“It was my birthday when they put me in an isolation area and I stayed there for 3 weeks. No one provided me with any counseling. I did not understand what could be wrong. I wasn’t sick. I look healthy and I know I still have the capacity to work. When the company learns of my HIV status, they did not give me the 2-month salary that they owe me. I was informed that I will be deported back to my country immediately.”

Shafqat’s Story of Hope and Optimism – Pakistan

Shafqat never thought that he would reach his twenties, much less be fit and healthy at the age of twenty five. Now, he believes he has ever chance of getting a good job, having a family and succeeding in life.

Lao LGBT celebrate first-ever Pride Event

“The message we want to send is that no matter what you look like or where you come from or what your sexual orientation is, every single one of you is a person with value and should be treated with dignity and respect,” Ambassador Stewart told the crowd to loud applause.

Story of Yumelina – Learning to prevent HIV in Indonesia

Yumelina Tabuni is a confident and outgoing 13-year-old girl. She lives with her family in a small village in the Baliem valley, a remote mountainous area of Papua. Every week she attends a life skills session, where young people learn how to protect themselves from HIV and AIDS.

Story of Prafulla – Strength and Support from NAP+N

“It was the most horrible day in my life when I came to know that my result is positive. I was alone. I cried till more than 12 days…day…night..That was 6th August 2008. I was expecting my promotion in next 6 month.”