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Since establishment, there was many people skeptical about the performance of the club (the club Bright Future – Hai Ninh, Kinh Mon – Hai Duong). However, after few years gathering, the club attracted more than 150 PLWHIV participating and receiving the support to overcome difficulties and integrate into the community.

The early difficult days

At first, the club had only 17 members, mainly concentrated in Kinh Mon district of HaiDuong provice. Up to now, there are more than 150 participants, including about 100 people in Hai Duong province, and 50 in other around provinces such as Hai Phong, Quang Ninh …

According to Mr Nguyen Van Cuong, header of the club, he and his friends(chỗ này là cái gì??), the club was established based on the need of PLWHIV, who got social stigma and wanted a place to gather and share information.. It was a place where those with similar circumstances could come together and mobilize, share difficulties. Besides, they could feel more comfortable to confided their thoughts, feelings and reintegrate into the society easily.

Club Executive Boards includes 6 people, each of them had different function and private duty . They are HIV positive and enthusiastic with experience in community activities. The first days in operation, the club faced many difficulties. First, the club had to create confidence among authorities. With specific plan and the community support, the members of the Executive Boards had created trust gradually of all levels, sectors and social organizations. At that time, there was not private office; the club had to organize all activities at a member’s house.

From 2006 until now, the club had implemented many activities, organized periodical on the 25th of every month, created “playground” for members to share information about health care, drug treatment. The Board also organized many competitions and workshops aimed at more varied content activities to attract more participants

Every week, the Broad assigned members to visit each participant’s home to advise and guide them on how to maintain their health, capture their psychological and to encourage them to continue working. In 2008, the club held 2 promotional events with entertainment shows, and skits on prevention HIV/AIDS. In particular, on the International Children’s Day 1 June, the club has encouraged a number of agencies, organizations and businesses in the province to donate 43 gifts for small children which is total value of nearly 15 million.

A place, where love is being impassioned

Coming to the club, the members were equipped with the knowledge of health protection as well as received encouragement, sympathy of many people in the same situation. At first, many members were timid, tentative, nervous … but after a time involved the club, they feel confident, full of love life and more optimistic. Now, they are willing to share the stories about HIV, their experience in economic development and they could raise the voice to honor beautiful life.

The club participated very actively in the NCH network in Vietnam (VNP +) since its formed,. Cuong is 1 of 7 member executive committee of VNP +. In the new position, he contributed more to the fight against HIV / AIDS at the local and Hai Duong provinces. Cuong also brings many opportunities for the group to support other provinces to better cope with HIV / AIDS .

Remember the time diagnosed with HIV, Mr. Cuong could not help choking. Being born in a poor family, from an early age, he always tried to study hard and graduated from Hanoi Pedagogical University No.2 and Education Management Academy,. He had the opportunity to work at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Member Committee of Hai Duong. Having not control himself and getting drunk after a festival, he had sex unsafely with sexworker . Being diagnosed with HIV and receiving healt care, Cuong feels miserable, desperate, and even attempted to suicide.. After being encouraged by friends and family members, he decided to “wake up” and had established Bright Future Club in Hai Ninh.

He said that “Being encouraged by friends, family members and peers, I found that I have a long life in future and many things that I must do for m‎yself, my family and society. I thought I need to do some good things for my life. So I try to do”.

To remain active, the club campaigned agencies and enterprises to raise fund in province, with total more than 16 million. Each month, members received antiviral drugs. Funded by Terry Dakty Fund (named a volunteer organization APHEDA of Australia), the Australian Federation of Labor and Employment Services Center 8/3 of Hai Duong, the club had opened broad-based room, about 60m2. In addition, donors also equip the club 10 tables, 50 chairs, 1 podium stand. in addition, the Medical Center has donated Club Kinh Mon District 1 television and broadcasting machines and many other propaganda materials about HIV.

Besides, the club also participates in extensive activities of VNP+ and other forums as the HIV/AIDS nationwide.

According to Nguyen Thi Xoa, Chairman of Kinh Mon District Women’s, the Club helped many members to change perceptions, and to reduce the state of disorder significantly in the district. In recent years, board chairman of the club had actively collaborated with district Women Union to enhance propagation, thereby reduced the stigma and discrimination of people around the people living with HIV / AIDS …

Written by: Nguyen Van Cuong

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