Story of Prafulla – Strength and Support from NAP+N

Nepal Community Story

Prafulla* found out that he was HIV positive when he was working in Dubai. His visa was up for extension and medical tests were a requirement. “It was the most horrible day in my life when I came to know that my result is positive. I was alone. I cried till more than 12 days…day…night..That was 6th August 2008. I was expecting my promotion in the next 6 months.”

Now back in Nepal he struggles to find work “No one is ready to give job to any HIV+ guy. Though I found out more than 5 years ago I still have not told anyone in my family.” He remains single and worries because his parents are searching for a wife for him. He has told some of his close friends and gains support through the National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal (NAP+N). “Now my confidence level has improved again, but I am still stressed because I still can not find a good job, despite having more than 10 years experience as a civil engineer.

*Not his real name

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