Approach on Counseling – Success Story of Vietnam

Vietnam Community Story

Photo_Vietnam_1I  am Le Thi Hong Yen. I was born in 1980. My hometown is Binh Dinh province; however, for living conditions, I have moved to Vung Tau and have been living there for 12 years now.

There was a case that I did not plan to approach, but happened when I was working for my brother’s café. There was a girl, who came to the café everyday. But with my observations, the way she dressed and behaved, I could tell 70% exactly what her job is. She came for a coffee quite often. At the beginning, I just behaved like a staff with a customer and in a good manner. Then when I tried to approach and explain a bit about my job, she strongly reacted. She was annoyed on knowing that I knew about her job. In general, those people often have strong reactions. They asked me why I kept thinking that way, which meant to offend them, etc. Initially, I did not say a word about the communication materials that I had planned to deliver to her. I was just pretending that I knew some girls of also doing that kind of job. Then she wanted to learn from me some information to protect herself. After that we were closer, she shared all about what she had been thinking and afraid of. That was the most difficult client of mine, also the most successful case that I have handled.

Source: World Bank