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Progress Update

Progress Update [Latest submission Year 4: October 14 – September 15]

  • PR believes that the overall performance of PR in year 4 have been average (self rated at B1). The first half of the year was better with the new finance officer, revision of SR reporting format, better grant coordination between PR and SR and completion of year 3 audit. However the second half was marred with turnovers and conflicting priorities with new grant negotiations. The following are the key achievements for Year 4.
  • Design of Phase II of CAT-S study: The design of phase II of the Study was completed in October 2015. PR organized a study design consultation workshop and a consultation for finalization for study sites, sample size and tools. The study protocol was submitted to respective ethical review committees in December and is currently approved by authorities in Pakistan and Indonesia, while others are in process of approval.
  • Data visualization cube: The PR has out sourced and is in process of concluding the data visualization web portal, which conducts analysis of phase I CATS data (available at www.apn.biophics.org).
  • Lao PDR Capacity building and treatment as prevention workshop: Two pending workshops for Lao PDR were conducted this reporting period with active participation from the ministry of health, all ART service providers and self help network. Thai network of Positives (TNP+) took lead in organizing the workshop and it was the first time service providers and self-help group shared data and identified next plan of action. APN+ also facilitated development and training of Program Management and Financial Management Manual for APLHIV Laos.
  • M&E: Reporting quality and timeliness of SRs have continued to improve in Year 4. PR also conducted 6 Field visits during year 4.
  • Community documentations: SRs have conducted additional 11 Community documentation and 4 Policy reviews in year 4. Quality of such documentations has improved since the last reporting period.

Next reporting due Nov 15, 2016

Program Indicators

Program Indicators


Indicator Intended Target to date Actual Result to date Reasons for Deviation
Number of representatives from National PLHIV Networks (SRs) receiving Training of Trainers (ToT) in field data collection, data supervision and data entry 16.00 - Since this is a prospective cohort study, the delays in phase II has subsequently affected design and implementation of Phase II study. There has also been number of delays in overall PR functions with frequent turnovers of PR staff. The design of the study is now complete and in approved by ethical committees in 3 out of 6 countries. PR has recruited a new finance officer and is beginning to plan an conduct all trainings and workshops between March and April of 2016. The training of trainers is planned to be conducted on Marched 2015.
Number of people trained in data collection for access to treatment, care and support study 97.00 - The training in countries can only be conducted after the ToT at the regional level.  Due to delays in training of trainers, the country based follow-up trainings has not been conducted. These trainings are planned by April 2015.
Proportion of data sets entered in the regional interactive information database platform Not Due NA
Number of “PLHIV’s Access to Treatment, Care and Support Services” country reports for round II produced & disseminated to community-based organizations (PLHIV networks) Not Due NA
Number of in-country dissemination and advocacy meetings organized by community based organizations (PLHIV networks) Not Due NA
Number of policy analysis briefs developed 6.00 10.00 The  policy analysis has been revised and improved in all countries and there were 4 additional policy reviews completed during this reporting period.
Number of representative(s) from community based organizations (PLHIV networks) that attended the Asia Pacific Positive Treatment & Prevention Forum 69.00 90.00 There was a larger participation than initially expected. Additional funds were raised to support the event so more participants could be invited. There was also a cost saving in this activity due to sharing of cost with other adjacent events.


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